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Stephen B. Stepanek

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I am happy to announce that I am running for Executive Council ­ District 5, for this great state of New Hampshire.

I am running for Executive Council to change the way Concord does business. The people of New Hampshire are losing their voices to the power of the politicians, but we still have time to turn things around with new leadership, fresh ideas and a business-minded approach to state government.

As a State Representative and successful small business owner, I believe that I have the right experience ­ business skills and a small government agenda ­ that will be well served in the State House.

These are difficult times for New Hampshire. Out-of-control spending creating huge budget deficits, growing job losses, businesses leaving the state, and bigger government gaining a foothold on Concord.

Republican Executive Council Candidates file together on Agenda for Change

While I am confident of bringing new leadership to Concord, it wonıt be easy. The special interests and bureaucrats will be fighting me to keep one of their own in office. But, with your support and financial assistance, I will succeed in bringing change to the State House.

We CAN and MUST do better! Itıs time to bring needed change to state government and I want to help usher in a new agenda of fiscal restraint and more efficiency with increased use of information technology.

But the only way I can do this is with your help. By clicking above on 'donate' and sending my campaign a contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50 or any amount you can afford, I will be able to get my message of positive change to the people of New Hampshire.

If I can get out my message of fiscal responsibility, efficiency and integrity in government ­ I will win in November. But I canıt do it alone. Together, we can bring the change in Concord that is so desperately needed.

These are exciting times and change is in the air. New Hampshireıs state government may be struggling but I know that better days are ahead and we can make a difference in Concord.

Sincerely yours,

Steve Stepanek



Disturbing news was released from a national survey this week, ³New Hampshire¹s state government rated as worst in the country², reads the Concord Monitor. New Hampshire ranks DEAD LAST! And that¹s because the bureaucrats and special interests have a stranglehold on government! The respected Pew Center on the States says that New Hampshire fails on the management of budgets and purchasing systems, planning for improvements to roads and bridges, and the use of information and technology. These areas are critical to the job of an Executive Councilor.


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