Why should I store my RV or coach inside?

  • Protection of a very expensive asset
  • Limit damage from the elements
  • Sun & UV damage
  • Rain, wind and freezing temperatures
  • Reduce the "Black Streaks" on the side of your RV caused by storing it outside
  • Removal of the RV or Boat from your property
  • Limiting neighborhood, family and "friend" complaints
  • Zoning and Home Owner Association compliance
  • Freeing up garage and driveway space on your property
  • Some locations offer electrical service in their units to keep your batteries charged at all times.
  • Keep your electronics in great shape, for example your plasma TV's need to enjoy a warm climate.

Are we open 24 hrs per day?

No, the ability to pick up and drop off your equipment is 24 hrs a day. To pick up your equipment, you call the office, or fill out a service request, beforehand and set up an appointment and we will have it prepped to your specifications at the time you requested.

What happens if some damage occurs to my equipment  or the building itself?

When you initially sign up we require a copy of your insurance and registration, if Oversize Storage damages your equipment while in our storage facility we will first notify you, and set up a time to look at the damage together.

What if I want/need someone other than myself to pick up my equipment?

You need to list all the contact people associated with the vehicle or boat.

Will you charge my battery if necessary?  Electrical capabilities?

If we find out that your battery is dead we will charge it and notify you of what has happened, so you know that you may have a weak battery.

Do I still need to winterize and/or prep for summer?

There is no need to winterize your equipment when stored inside other than some fuel stabilizer for any long term storage of fuel.