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Welcome to Transfer A Title

Buying a home is the most important purchase one can make in their lifetime. We started TransferATitle.com to make sure one of the most significant transactions in a persons’ life is handled with the highest level of care and professionalism. Our company is determined to make the process smooth. Others have incurred losses simply because they did not know to seek the right company for the transfer of a title.

TransferATitle.com carefully prepares documents regarding current and prior ownership of the property being purchased or refinanced to make sure the status of the title is known. This process includes the review of all recorded documents, legal descriptions, liens and claims available. The search includes all relevant recorded documents like deeds, mortgages and liens applicable to the subject property being searched. Transfer ATitle.com works to determine if the title to the subject property contains any defects that need to be addressed before the title is transferred or the property can refinanced.

TransferATitle.com is the only site you need to find all of your residential real estate closing needs. We work to make the closing process efficient and detail oriented for our clients. Our prompt turnaround time, expertise, and attention to detail make us the first choice over other title companies. While there are various title companies to choose from, few are as qualified to answer your questions are we are. TransferATitle.com’s legal department specializes in real estate. We are able to offer the services necessary to make one of the most significant investments—a home or property.

We conduct refinance and purchase transactions throughout Northern New England, and Florida. Close a deal with TransferATitle.com and you will witness our years of expertise and knowledgeable and professional staff working to make sure the process is convenient and stress free the entire way.

We will coordinate the details of your closing to ensure a flawless transaction. Even if you are just starting to look for a new property, or need to refinance one, TransferATitle.com will give you the best services out there. Call us before you sign!

TransferATitle.com began to make sure people experience a legitimate title transfer and are protected against any claims. We get the job done better than the competition. Many losses have been incurred by people trusting a company with less experience. TransferATitle.com will help clients clean up any title deficiencies that may exist from less qualified companies or past transactions, mortgages, tax liens, etc.

Contrary to popular belief, you, the consumer, have the power of choice. The buyers, sellers and owners of property have the right to choose who will act as their title company and escrow agent for their purchase, sale or refinance. Choose the best. Settle for nothing less. We will exceed your expectations!