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What Can TransferATitle.com can do for you?

As a licensed title firm, TransferATitle.com is one of the few companies out there able to issue title insurance. We have an experienced legal department that can get the proper documentation prepared and transferred quickly, effectively and correctly.

Our founders specialize in the timeshare industry. We have gained superior knowledge of the industry after years of timeshare marketing and resales. TransferATitle.com makes sure your transaction is a smooth process done in a timely manner. With the expertise of our legal department, you know your deed is being handled properly throughout the entire process by an experienced professional. In an industry that is often under scrutiny, it is important that your vacation property ownership is transferred ethically, and correctly.

For states where our legal department is not licensed to practice law, we utilize our trusted network of attorneys in those local areas to prepare and facilitate all proceedings of the transfer. You can trust that your deed was prepared and recorded properly. You can be confident that your deed is accurate and that the proper procedures were followed to transfer your title!


TransferATitle.com charges $400.00 (domestic, continental U.S.) $500 (international, outside the continental U. S.) for a top notch transfer of a timeshare and closing. This price does not include any recording fees, taxes or resort transfer fees (if applicable). As part of the closing process we get a written confirmation from the resort, called an Estoppel Letter, confirming any fees that may be due. This letter will include any transfer fee.

The recording fees are based upon the state and county in which the property is located and are based on the sale price. Contact our office for details today! We take every step to be proactive and to speed up the transfer process.

Further, we prepare all the documents necessary to facilitate the closing, trusted escrow service which is insured at one of our own accounts. The last step of the process is when the deed comes back from recording; we notify the resort of the change in ownership.

We utilize a network of licensed attorneys in the state of the timeshare property being purchased. Prepare your legally correct deeds, our professionals are timely and efficient and will get the job done. TransferATitle.com is unique in that we have the legal contacts worldwide, ready to prepare your legal documents correctly. We also provide title insurance, many competitors will not provide that service—TransferATitle.com will make sure your transaction run smoothly.

Once the order form has been received, the closing process takes between 6 to 8 weeks. We will send the original deed to the buyer once it has been recorded.

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TransferATitle.com, LLC is a title transfer and closing agency specializing in all aspects of vacation property and timeshare resales. We service a marketplace of timeshare brokers as well as timeshare owners that have sold their property and need closing services. Located in Merrimack, New Hampshire we handle closings in Hilton Grand Vacations, Wyndham, Marriott, Bluegreen and many, many more resort locations in a proactive, efficient and timely manner.

TransferATitle.com and our unbeatable closing services

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Glossary of Legal Terms

Deed of Title – Legally-binding document that specifies ownership, gives a legal description of property, and outlines the rights granted to the owner of the property.

Escrow Account – A bank account used as a mediator between the financial accounts of the grantor and grantee while all aspects of the closing are being processed. It is used as a method of verifying for the seller that the buyer's funds are good, and as an assurance to the buyer that the funds will not be disbursed until all the documents have been properly filed and all relevant fees are made known.

Estoppel Certificate – A certificate or letter from the resort that outlines the exact status of the timeshare property. It explains any maintenance fees pending, as well as the rules or restrictions on how the timeshare may be used.

Grantor – The seller in a title transfer. The grantor is the person who owns the property and is in the process of granting all rights of ownership to the grantee.

Grantee – The buyer in a title transfer. The grantee is the person who is receiving rights of ownership to a property from the grantor.

Legal Description of Property – An exact description of the property, filed with public records, derived over time through the chain of title. Any significant changes made to the property will require an update of the legal description as it appears in the title before granting ownership to another individual.

Quitclaim Deed – A Quitclaim Deed is a Deed of Title that contains no warranties from the grantor to the grantee. The property is deeded “as is.” This is type of deed is most common in gift transactions.

Warranty Deed – A Warranty Deed is a specific kind of deed of title. A Warranty Deed grants all rights of ownership to the grantee, but it also contains certain promises or “warranties” from the grantor. Should any discrepancies later arise; the grantor will be held responsible for the accuracy of all warranties made in this deed of title.