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Turbinetech IT


  • Turbinetech-it will NOT void a manufacturer warranty
  • 100% MONEY BACK Guarantee
  • Extends the life of dental hand piece 3 to 10 times
  • Withstands in excess of 100,000 PSI while competitors fail at 15,000 PSI
  • Contain no hazardous chemicals
  • Won’t breakdown in the autoclave.

How It Works

All hand pieces are constructed in basically the same manner. Each has an air turbine inside the chamber; bearings, either stainless steel or ceramic; a cage that holds the bearings together; O-rings to keep it in place. Our advanced lubricant preserves the life of the turbine without affecting any of the other components within the hand piece, specifically the fiber-optics. Many lubricants cause a yellowing or discoloring of the fiber-optics rendering them useless. Turbinetech-it preserves the O-rings and enhances the plastic cage.

New Cage

Old Cage Lubricated with
Competition Lubricant

1 year old Cage Lubricated
with Turbinetech-it

The turbine on a high-speed hand piece will spin at a rate of 300,000-500,000 RPMs and with the recent implementation of the autoclave process; the hand piece is also subjected to moisture and extreme heat conditions. Once in the high heat, most lubricants evaporate leaving chips of Teflon and Silicon. These chips then melt down with the heat and caramelize which causes a breakdown of the lubricant and creates a build-up within the hand piece. The turbine will begin to wobble and wear out the O-rings and once the O-rings are worn, the turbine will stop working. If the O-rings do not wear out first, the build-up may become so great that the hand piece will cease operating.

6 months old Impeller
with Competition Lubricant

1 Year Old Impeller
with Turbinetech-it Lubricant

Turbinetech-it will save the costs of replacing turbine after turbine and will also act as a cleaner and clean out most build up from other lubricants. Turbinetech-it contains an anti-corrosive which is the element that loosens the buildup within the hand piece and will get you hand piece running again smoothly and cleanly.

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