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Turbinetech IT

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Turbine Tech-IT
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  • Turbinetech-it will NOT void a manufacturer warranty
  • 100% MONEY BACK Guarantee
  • Extends the life of dental hand piece 3 to 10 times
  • Withstands in excess of 100,000 PSI while competitors fail at 15,000 PSI
  • Contain no hazardous chemicals
  • Won’t breakdown in the autoclave.


"We were burning out hand piece turbines every 3-4 months. Then one of our suppliers recommended we try Phase Change (now Turbinetech-it). We have been using Phase Change Lubricant (now Turbinetech-it) for about 4 years and only have replaced a handful of turbines. Thanks Phase Change (now Turbinetech-it), you really made a difference." -- Michael J. Leonard, DDS, Chanhassen, MN

Protection for Your Hand Piece

Turbinetech-it is a natural, petroleum-based formula which doesn’t break down in the autoclave and protects all the components in the hand piece – moving parts, bearings, O-rings, seals, and fiber optics. It withstands pressure in excess of 100,000 PSI, while other lubricants usually fail at a maximum of 15,000 PSI, and it does not harm metals, rubber or plastic. This means Turbinetech-it is safe and effective for any and all hand pieces, high-speed or low-speed, regardless of manufacturer.

Protect your investment with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Years of research and testing have resulted in the development of Turbinetech-it , a unique petroleum-based lubricant specifically formulated to extend the life of all dental hand pieces, reduce the purchases of expensive replacement parts, and reduce downtime. By doing this we are enabling our customers to become more profitable. When we save you money, we have gained a friend and customer. Turbinetech-it provides prompt service, fast delivery with NO shipping charges and an iron clad MONEY back guarantee. Founded in 1993 and distributed as Phase Change, Turbinetech-it is now a family of products that will change the way that you clean and service your hand pieces.