Our global mission is to advocate cybersex trafficking awareness of children from disadvantaged and rural communities and drive strategic partnerships in support of developing cybersecurity international standards, guidelines and best practices. We also serve to drive the development of innovative technologies and solutions that can be leveraged towards protecting our youth in cyberspace; specifically in ending sexual violence, exploitation and abuse against children.

We were created, in part, to counter the rising incidence of cyber-related crimes that target our most vulnerable youth. Criminals that prey on youth from disadvantaged and rural communities online tend to operate under the radar because they employ methods that exploit cultural, behavioral and societal traits that are unique to such groups, but outside of the mainstream, and are therefore not highlighted by most cybersecurity awareness programs.

In support of our mission, Protect Us Kids Foundation has the following key contributing goals:

  • Formally engage with humanitarian organizations, corporations, and international governments, to work collectively towards addressing the continued liability and legal challenges in human trafficking prevention in cyberspace and the effects of globalization and forced servitude.
  • Support the establishment of innovative, yet ethically sound, data governance measures that serve to protect and maintain the privacy of exploited youth online.