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About Safar Couture

Two Eastern clothing fashionistas have taken their passion into their own hands and have become talented designers of shirts, kurtis, shalwar-kameez and custom made outfits. They founded Safar Couture with the goal of bringing affordable, high-end, custom made, stylish Eastern clothing to the discerning public. One look at the collections and it is evident how they have captured the East with their talents. They have done shows and sales in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Virginia, Missouri, and Washington D.C. and have consistently been a strong presence at the Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America (APPNA) Conventions.

If you take one look at their designs you will be taken aback at the thought, effort, and pure talent that is put into each item. Their collections are striking. Vivid colors capture your eye, while the intricate, hand-beaded patterns draw you in for a closer look. Their collections range from daily wear to elegant, formal wear that will stun any who believe they have seen haute couture before. One principle they adhere to is making each item distinctly unique. Each is custom made and designed with care and skill that transforms each outfit from clothing into a work of art.