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Welcome to XTEK

Founded in the early 1980’s, X-Tek Systems, Ltd. was conceived as a research, development and design facility for microfocus x-ray sources and complete x-ray systems for the NDT industry. Significant success in this field and the rapid growth within the microelectronics sector lead the company to swiftly expand, moving to a large R&D facility in the early 1990’s.

Developments continued through the 90’s resulting in product lines designed for the applications of NDT, microelectronic and circuit board assembly.Read more

In the late 90’s X-Tek’s R&D team developed a new type of x-ray source. Somewhat based upon X-Tek’s existing de-mountable x-ray tube the new x-ray source combined the high voltage generator and x-ray tube in to one compact unit (100XI & 160XI). Unique to X-Tek, the tube provided significant advantages for both X-Tek and the end user. Smaller than conventional de-mountable tubes, the source enabled cabinet size to be reduced, finer control over x-ray beam current minimized image blooming effects (typically associated with BGA component balls), lower manufacturing costs could be passed on to the end user and most importantly high voltage reliability took a U-turn for the better.

XI tubes are now supplied almost exclusively in X-Tek’s complete range of x-ray systems. Since supplying the first 100XI tube, X-Tek continued the new wave of high voltage development. The latest XI tubes can be supplied through 225kV and beyond.

In 1997, X-Tek opened X-Tek Systems, LLC. in the USA, a sales and service office located in Santa Clara, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley. This office quickly became a success, selling many systems to companies within the Valley and all over the Western USA.

Continuing its pattern of remarkable growth, X-Tek Systems newest U.S. office (now the U.S. H.Q.) opened in Massachusetts in mid-2001, servicing the electronics industry on the eastern side of the U.S.

In 2002, X-Tek UK moved all production to a local high-tech business park, substantially improving delivery time capability.

Today X-Tek supplies systems and sources in to virtually every aspect of x-ray inspection: Electronics, Circuit Board Assembly, Computerized Tomography, NDT, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food inspection, Can Seam Inspection and the Nuclear Industry.

Legacy products:
Orbita, Hawk, Harrier, LinX, VTX160, HMX, Benchtop, Compact, Revolution, CPX160, CPX100.

Current Nikon products:
XTH160, XTH225, XTH225ST, XTH225LC, XTH320LC, XTV160, XTV130, XTH450.