Client Services

The following is the industries and domains of our expertise:

  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Risk Management
  • Wireless Communications
  • Environmental Technology
  • eCommerce Product Development
  • Contract Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Patent Law
  • Environmental Law
  • State and Local Regulatory Guidelines

Latest News

  • Milford, NH 2/15/2010

    Stepanek Consulting LLC developed a refinancing plan for Hy-Ten Plastics Inc., Milford NH manufacturing facility, saving thousands of dollars annually.

  • Amherst, NH 3/1/2010

    Stepanek Consulting LLC developed a cost accounting system for Spurling Painting and Remodeling LLC Amherst, NH allowing the company to expand its manpower for commercial and residential projects.

  • Amherst, NH 3/1/2010

    Stepanek Consulting LLC is developing an operating system for Susan Lozier Robert, owner of Fredrick´s Pastries, Amherst, NH that will help the company manage future growth in multiple market segments.