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For decades Timesharing has been the best way to save time and money while traveling to some of the world’s finest resorts.

TransferATimeshareTitle.com can handle all of your travel needs! From business travel, family vacations, or just a weekend away you can rent or buy an ideal timeshare resort to take you there.

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Welcome to TransferATimeshareTitle.com

TransferATimeshareTitle.com is a leader in the complex, and often misunderstood, industry of timeshare resale.  Our company is dedicated to working exclusively transferring the ownership of timeshares and issuing title insurance to owners of deeded timeshare units. Our team effectively handles the entire transaction from start to finish for the settlement of your timeshare closing.  We help owners, sellers and buyers of timeshares to understand all of their options during one of the most significant and complex property transactions. Whether you need title insurance, escrow services, inventory management, default management, document management or trustee services for properties around the corner or around the world, TransferATimeshareTitle.com, LLC can help you.

TransferATimeshareTitle.com was established to ensure that every transaction is handled with the highest level of care and professionalism.  Our company is dedicated to making the title transfer process a seamless one.  Other owners, sellers and buyers of timeshares have incurred losses simply because they did not know they had a choice to choose the right company to facilitate and effectuate the transfer of their timeshare title.

TransferATimeshareTitle.com carefully prepares all documentation regarding current and prior ownership of the property being purchased or refinanced.  We make sure the status of the chain of title is known.  This process includes the review of all recorded documents, legal descriptions which includes all deeds, mortgages, attachments, liens and claims applicable to the timeshare property being searched. 

We work to determine if the title to the property contains any defects that need to be corrected before either the timeshare deed is transferred and before the property can be refinanced. 

TransferATimeshareTitle.com is the only site you need in order to find all of your timeshare closing needs.  We work to promote a flawless closing process.  We provide title insurance, escrow and recording services, document preparation and management.  Our rapid turnaround time, expertise, and attention to detail is what makes us the first choice over all other title companies. 

While there are various title companies to choose from, few are as qualified to answer your questions as TransferATimeshareTitle.com is.  Our legal department specializes in timeshares. 

Providing all necessary arrangements, TransferATimeshareTitle.com has an in-house legal department.  Close a deal with TransferATimeshareTitle.com and you will benefit from our years of expertise.  With a knowledgeable staff, we will work to make sure the process is convenient and stress free throughout the entire transaction.

Whether you are interested in Disney Vacation Club, Marriott, Wyndham, Westgate, Westin, Hyatt and Hilton Grand Vacations Club, or any of the thousands of timeshare resorts around the world, TransferATimeshareTitle.com will help you resell or purchase timeshares, points-based vacation clubs, travel clubs, fractional and shared ownership, or even private residence clubs, from around the world. 

We will coordinate the details of your closing to ensure a flawless transaction.  Even if you are just starting to look for a new property, or need to refinance one, TransferATimeshareTitle.com will give you the best services.  Call us before you transfer a timeshare 1-877-536-0561!

TransferATimeshareTitle.com was formed in order to make sure that people experience a legitimate title transfer process and are protected and insured against any claims against the title to their property. We get the job done better than the competition because we exceed your expectations!  Many losses have been incurred by people who trusted a company with less experience.  TransferATimeshareTitle.com will help clients clear any title defects that may exist that may have been caused by less qualified companies or past transactions, mortgages, tax liens, etc. 

The buyers, sellers and owners of property have the right to choose who will act as their title company and escrow agent for their purchase, sale or refinance.  Hire the best and get the job done right, the first time!