SolarTech Systems Mini Power House (For Pakistan Only)


SolarTech Systems offers cost-effective and dependable power solutions for industrial outdoor equipment anywhere in the world for applications in oil and gas,security, monitoring and control, traffic safety and telecoms network.

We assist industry and government in lowering operating costs in locations where utility power is not available with solar electric and uninterpretable power systems. Our solutions will lower your installation and maintenance costs while providing reliable power where you need it.

Our expertise includes solar electric (or photovoltaic) technology and hybrid systems which can include generators, fuel cells, bio or wind turbines as secondary energy sources. We also provide UPS systems for DC equipment connected to the utility which ensure no interruptions in critical load operation.

SolarTech Systems Solar Power Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry, water and waste facilities, Electrical sub-stations, Railroad, Industrial process control, Water wells, cottage industries, Textiles industries, Agriculture, Military, Traffic control, Street lighting and power ready for continous loads upto 3000 watts.

Power Plants

State of the art solar power plants are available from 1 Megawatt thru 50 Megawatt.

As a newly formed solar technology company, SolarTech Systems is in a unique position to introduce the world's most advanced power plant designs. Using cutting-edge development and production technologies, SolarTech Systems will re-define power plant concepts. Among the many new available technologies, SolarTech Systems is focused on:

  • High efficient modules power technology
  • High efficient US made inverters.
  • Hybrid power plant technology.
  • State of the art "Battery Bank" power plants.
  • Emergency backup power system.
  • Mini Power Houses.
  • Mini Power Plants