Why Solar Tech ?

SolarTech Systems Mini Power House can provide electricity 24 hours.

SolarTech Systems is next generation solar technology company dedicated to the promotion of renewable and environmentally safe solar electricity.

SolarTech Systems came up with an incredibly unique solution to end nasty blackouts in Pakistan ....and also enjoy free electricity 24/7.

The worlds growing demand for energy has never been more evident than in today's society. The cost of energy has skyrocketed in the past few years and permanent relief can only be found in alternate energy technology such as solar.

Our 1 KW solar system will provide electricity for 1 kanal house and run everything except AC. WAPDA's electricity will only be needed for operating AC or as backup. (you can get a bigger unit if you want to operate AC too)

Our solar system will provide you independence from WAPDA and you will not be affected by WAPDA's increasing rates

UPS is a back up only and does not generate power like our solar system. UPS needs continuous electricity for many hours in order to be charged and can only provide electricity for few hours. Consumer still has huge electricity bill from WAPDA every month.

Generators are also used as back up and diesel expense is very high if generator is used for 24 hours, and there is a shortage of diesel, and maintenance cost for the generator. Consumer still has huge electricity bill from WAPDA every month.

There are already 1 Million systems installed in Bangladesh and Pakistan's future is also Solar power.