Telecommunication Towers

SolarTech Systems Power System provide relliable power where you need it!

Our solar power systems for telecom towers are designed to provide optimum power solution to telecom companies during peak usage times.Our systems enable telecom companies to reduce the use of fossil fuel burning generators in favor of more environmentally safe solar electricity.
We can design solar power systems with additional batteries that can provide uninterrupted electricity to the tower even after sun down.

Reliable Power

SolarTech Systems systems are complete integrated power systems for critical telecommunication loads including BTS, microwave, switches, Cell phone towers, fiber optics and repeaters.

Reliable Products

Ease of transportation and rapid deployment make SolarTech Systems Products a cost-effective power choice along with longevity and low maintenance. Our products include:

  • SolarTech Systems Power Ready Systems use solar technology for continuous loads up to 75 watts
  • SolarTech Systems Power Stations use solar technology for continuous loads up to 3000 watts
  • SolarTech Systems Power Online Systems are uninterpretable DC power supplies for utility connected equipment with continuous loads up to 1000 watts

Reliable People

SolarTech Systems is committed to customer satisfaction:

  • Dedicated account managers from system design through delivery and life time of product
  • Engineers with turn-key installation expertise
  • Two major distribution centers in California USA and Pakistan.
  • Delivery dates you can rely on