Residential System

Remember this is complete Independent Stand Alone system and can run without WAPDA, KESC or any other utility connection and it is custom design for Pakistan's load-shedding crisis, utility connection can used as back-up power.

SolarTech Systems Inverter convert DC current generated from the solar panels into AC current to loads, and if it absence of sunshine, the utility could be back power supply. If the power generated is enough for loads, the Inverter will charge excess electricity to Battery Bank. While no PV input and utility, it will use power from battery bank automatically. As below diagram shows:


1- Multi-protection for maximum safety

2- Based on DSP efficient processing power, realizes many transformerless Inverters in  parallel, and simplifies the power station design

3- Adopt advance hybrid power device of 5th generation Mitsubishi IPM module to ensure high speed operation and perfect self-protection.

4- Self-optimizing of MPPT function, also improves efficiency of system.

5- Large-screen LCD display with multilingual for options

6- Power production and CO2 emission reduction calculation for 5 years

7- Supporting software makes remote monitoring and controlling by computer easily

Power Production

One kilowatt system produces of 6.63 AC kw/h per day (based on 8.5 hours sun hours per day in Pakistan), and this 1 kw system is enough for small house daily usage excludes air-conditioner.