WHAT WE DO Advocate Against Cyber-Related Crime of At-Risk Youth

Protect Us Kids Foundation is currently researching the behavioral and socioeconomic factors involved in how technology is used to support cyber-related crime against at-risk youth. The associated cyber-related tools and exploitative methods used, typically result in catastrophic consequences – many of which encourage runaways, promote human trafficking and slavery, ensnare youth in child pornography rings and lead to the prostitution, kidnapping, abduction and murder of young people. Our focus is to provide youth from internationally disadvantaged backgrounds and surrounding communities, with critical life-saving tools on how to navigate cyberspace without falling victim to child predators and exploiters.

Protect Us Kids Foundation’s Work

  • Child Protection and Internet Safety
  • Human Trafficking Enabled via Technology
  • Cybersecurity Awareness and Education
  • Policy Advocacy and Partnerships

Youth Advocacy