About Us

Reliance Capital Markets II, LLC is the home of institutional futures traders, Commodity Trading Advisors (CTA), Commodity Pool Operator (CPO). We offer what we believe to be unsurpassed clearing and execution services with 24-hour worldwide trading capabilities. We provide strong trader support services, a variety of account plans and a range of trading tools designed to improve the trader's ability to participate in these markets independently - by phone, over the Internet or direct to the floor.

In addition to these services provided above we are experienced capital raisers. The unique background of the principals and the sales team we are able to provide access to capital.

We have almost 50 years of collective market experience working in the financial industry as brokers and commodity trading advisors and proprietary traders. Working as a team, we are dedicated to providing clients a unique combination of service and market insights. Our experience in evaluating other CTAs for clients along with intense study of the futures markets has earned us a large client following. We encourage you to experience our capabilities first hand.

With roots in the futures industry that can be traced back for more than 100 years, RJO, along with its affiliates, is among the world's leading futures brokerage firms. We invite you to explore our site and find out why.


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