RCM Asset Management offers our institutional and corporate clients an exceptional suite of execution and clearing services across all of the markets we serve. Our preeminent exchange rankings on all major commodity, futures, and options exchanges coupled with our extensive network of banking and financial relationships enable us to provide unmatched access to pools of liquidity. Our clients have confidence in our ability to execute and clear transactions in their best interest.

Execution & Clearing

RCM Asset Management's trading locations around the world provide fast and efficient execution on all of the major exchange floors and electronic markets.

As a self-clearing firm, we offer a seamless path from order through execution, settlement, and reporting. Once a trade has been completed, our sophisticated clearing and settlement technology equips middle office to serve as an extension of our clients' back-office operations, thereby freeing up client resources. Because of our extensive geographic footprint, clients can manage their trading activities in the time zone that best suits their needs.

Market Access

Our unparalleled market access is rooted not only in our memberships and affiliations with some 70 exchanges around the world, but also in our linkages to all of the major electronic trading venues and dark pools of liquidity.


RCM Asset Management offers unparalleled market access resulting in timely and efficient executions. This is combined with excellent clearing, settlement, and record-keeping services.

Operational & Administrative Support

RCM Asset Management does more than deliver good executions; we provide operational support for our clients that extends from clearing and settlement through portfolio accounting and reporting as well as analytics and risk management.


Service larger trades
Our dedicated teams of execution specialists have the expertise and leading-edge technology required to handle large orders.

Extend leverage
RCM Asset Management is prepared to provide margin accounts and financing for institutional and corporate clients.

Independent speciality broker
At RCM Asset Management, all our resources are focused on getting the job done for our clients. We don’t have a proprietary trading desk competing with our clients or an investment banking seeking to promote products.

  • Allow access to multiple online execution platforms high tech network - fast execution
  • Direct access to trading floor
  • 24-hour electronic help desk and order desk
  • RCM Asset Management is the largest execution business for managed futures in the world
  • Allow trader to place orders for multiple clients within one block account
  • RCM will provide your accounts with night checkout and account reconciliation
  • Help with website development and/or improvements to current site
  • Research
  • Leads
  • Trading system design and consultation

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