Trading Education

At RCM Asset Management, we believe in empowering individuals with the knowledge they need to understand futures trading.

Over the years, we've learned from our clients too. Together, we have learned what information is critical to understanding commodities and how to trade them. We sincerely hope you find this information valuable and that it helps you discover for yourself the excitement and interest we have about these fascinating markets.

ABCs of Fututres

At RCM Asset Management, we've learned over the years that individual traders have many of the same recurring questions about commodity futures trading. Here you'll gain insight into many of these most-often pondered topics.

ABSs of Options

Calls, Puts, Delta, Gamma. If it's all Greek to you, then perhaps it's time to learn all about commodity options.Learn the basics, and explore advanced concepts here too.

Commodity Futures

If you'd like to learn more about commodity futures trading, you've come to the right place.

You'll find a host of resources to expand your knowledge and help you get started trading traditional commodities such as oil, gold corn and soybeans.

Financial Futures

If you'd like to learn more about futures trading in the financial markets, we'll help you get started.

Here you'll find a brief overview of their history, which contracts are traded, and who trades them. You'll also find links to North American futures exchanges offering trading in financial futures, and a list of some of the most popular products traded.

Equity Futures

Some individual investors are surprised to discover that futures markets include many types of stock trading products. Equity-based futures are some of the most hotly traded in the world — check them out for yourself.

Futures and Options dictionary

Understand common terminology used in futures and options trading, including technical analysis and regulatory terms. More...