Professional Traders

We enable professional traders to access a broad range of instruments and contracts including exchange-traded and OTC products, across the spectrum of the market sectors in which we operate. We offer advanced technology tools facilitating direct market access, memberships on major exchanges around the world, an extensive set of counter-party relationships, and specialists in each of our key markets and regions. This combination empowers professional traders in executing their trading strategies.

Market Access

We provide professional traders with fast, accurate, and efficient execution. RCM Asset Management’s unparalleled market access is rooted not only in our memberships and affiliations with some 70 exchanges around the world, but also in our linkages to all of the major electronic trading venues and dark pools of liquidity.


We not only offer a full range of investment services, from execution through portfolio accounting, we customize our services to meet the specific needs of our professional trader clientele.

Strategy & Support

We provide professional traders with research and analysis across a range of markets, combining a global vision and local expertise.

Operational & Administrative Support

Professional traders can access a full suite of investment services, from execution through clearing and settlement and record keeping, we also help them develop their businesses.