Strategy Runner (via API)

Strategy Runner provides a complete online trading solution for point-and-click and algorithmic trading that includes a professional charting package, a complete suite of advanced analytics tools, synthetic and advanced orders and proprietary strategy automation and distribution capabilities.

Summary of Strategy Runner features

Facilities managed by RCM
White-labeling capabilities
Basic charts
Advanced charts
Links to Microsoft Excel
Basic order types
Advanced order types
Automated Trading
Auto-Spreading Capabilities
Risk via Buying Power
Risk via Contract Limit

Strategy Runner Lite key features

  • Point and click trading from charts
  • Automated exits, such as scale-outs, brackets, trailing stops, and proprietary exit strategies
  • Bracket feature for setting automated profit target and stop loss OCO orders
  • Real-time charts and indicators
  • Real-time streaming quotes, composite position tracker, and profit and loss display
  • Visual confirmation of orders within chart
  • Customizable audio confirmation of orders
  • Risk control, including daily profit and loss limits and contract limits
  • Parked, synthetic, market-on-close (MOC), and smart order

Strategy Runner PRO key features

  • All the features of SR Lite
  • Ability to lease strategies from a broad range of systems developed by professionals
  • Hands-free trading with multiple strategies on multiple markets
  • Robust, high-quality execution of trading strategies using RCM’s server-based solution
  • Trades with gurus
  • Execute trades in multiple accounts
  • Real-time transparency of strategy performance using graphical monitoring
  • Full control over strategy execution and the ability to modify or liquidate strategy as desired
  • Ease of diversification and re-balancing of user’s trading portfolio: add, delete, run, and stop systems as desired
  • Tick-by-tick accuracy of strategy execution
  • Free simulation version


Strategy Runner can be linked to an API of choice; exchange access will depend on this connection.