Superior Trade Execution

RCM Asset Management is second to none when it comes to speed and quality executions. With our vast array of trading platforms, the ability to write directly into one of our APIs, and direct floor access, our execution services are unmatched.

Master Accounts
Within our multiple platforms, RCM Asset Management offers a master account for all your breakdown needs. You can keep prices of trades uniform within several accounts, and all of your accounts can be traded under one master account number.

RCM Asset Management offers the capability to write a trading system into one of our many APIs. We are a leader in dealing with FIX protocol and have the expertise to meet your connectivity needs.

Direct Access
Our direct floor access is available upon request. RCM Asset Management has maintained a large floor presence on most exchange floors and has developed strong relationships with other floor trading desks to get the fastest and most cost-effective executions.

Industry-Leading Research

RCM Asset Management Research offers authoritative and timely analysis of the interest rate, agricultural, energy, currency, metals, and equity markets. Our research group recognizes the growing linkages among markets evaluations. In fact, RCM Asset Management Research specializes in thought-provoking analysis of all of the dominant factors driving price discovery. This information will reach you in the form of:

  • Daily text reports, including pre-opening commentary, on the major U.S., futures markets
  • Intraday analyses of breaking news in the financial and commodity markets
  • Live Internet audio feeds streaming directly from U.S. trading floors and upstairs analysts
  • Periodic futures-related Webcasts featuring market experts
  • Daily and monthly updates on growing conditions from seasoned crop scouts
  • Three in-depth seasonal reports per year on the major U.S. futures markets
  • Special reports on key commodity conferences
  • A daily grain newsletter that includes crucial information ranging from weather and crop reports to export totals and new FED information

Hands-On Back Office and Administration

At RCM Asset Management, we work tirelessly to free our customers to focus solely on what they do best. From talking directly with clients and helping them complete applications, to wiring funds and transferring accounts, our back-office services are unlimited. Functions our clients no longer have to worry about include:

  • New account applications
  • Wire requests
  • Master and sub-account management, including give-ups to other firms
  • Monthly invoices
  • CTA performance tracking and website posting
  • Distribution of all online account statements under management

An important back-office offering is our eMidas service, which provides clients with a secure online connection to their trading account information that they can view, print, customize and download. Multiple accounts can even be sorted using its powerful inquiry function for real-time trade matching. Information is updated intraday, and available reports include:

  • Daily or monthly statements
  • Equity runs
  • Summaries of open positions showing each individual trade date
  • Cash information
  • Purchase and sales summaries

Capital Introduction

Among the most important components of our CTA program is our ability to raise capital. Our brokers and equity raisers will present your product to clients and potential clients, including a growing universe of funds of funds, high-net-worth individuals, public pensions and family offices and RIAs with whom we’ve built strong relationships. And our familiarity with your product gives us an advantage when it comes to selling it to potential investors. In addition RCM Asset Management clears numerous Introducing Brokerage firms and is always presenting new products/managers to these firms.

Competitive Pricing

Because of our position as the world’s largest futures and options broker, we’re able to compete with and, in most cases, beat our competitor’s rates. We’re proud of our reputation as the group that achieves the best prices for the best rates time and time again.

Futures trading involves risk of loss and may not be suitable for everyone.